Wild Water Pokie

Don’t let the water knock you out, catch the biggest cash waves in Wild Water!

Wild Water
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Don’t let the water knock you out, catch the biggest cash waves in Wild Water!


It’s the hottest slot at sea, so ride those waves all the way to the jackpot!

The stacked wilds waters are full of prizes so start betting that money.

Once you catch a surf into a Free Spin keep that p.

Osture upright, because here comes a jackpot!

Play this game whenever you need a few rays of sunshine and ‘lots of luck!

About Wild Water

WILD WATER is not your ordinary slot game. It takes the surfing experience and applies it to the spinning experience. Big waves, cool babes & dudes and the occasional shark. Life is good, and spin it you should!

Wild Water is a 5-reel 20-pay line slot with extraordinary Bonus Wins, of up to X200 on your bet! The swanky background music and groovy vibe will put your in the right state of mind to ride the wild waves of High Payouts.

With an awesome 96.4% Return To Player ratio and loads of Scatter symbols that can land you Free Spins left and right, it is always sunny in the Wild Water slot game.

Wild Symbols, High Payouts

Stacked symbols in this game are ones that either partially or entirely cover the reel. In Wild Water pokie, watch out for the surfer dudes and babes—the regular symbols and the Wild symbols—the sharks. Increase your chances of winning and making real money with the stacked symbols!

Let’s get one thing clear, the Wild symbols can substitute any other symbol. You don’t need three matching symbols in order to win, two matching symbols and a Wild will do the trick!

Spin for Free, Let’s Go!

Get those Scatter symbols and win Free Spins. In this pokie, the Scatter symbol is that muscular surfer-dude who is wave riding. Three or more scatter symbols on the reels will give you those Free Spins. 3 scatter symbols will get you 15 Free Spins, 4 will get you 30 Free Spins, and 5 will get you 60 Free Spins.

Sand & Sun and Bonus Wins

With two kinds of Bonuses in this slot, there is room for lots of luck! One multiplies your wins by 20 and the other by 200!

If you get any 5 surfer symbols, male or female, you’ll get the x20 multiplier! Your current win from the spin will then be multiplied by 20!

If you get 5 different surfer symbols—that’s three dudes and two dudettes, then you’re up for a very nice reward! Your Win of the Spin will be multiplied x 200!

The Perfect Symbols

The highest paying symbol in the game is what you want to look for, beware of sharks. If you’ve ever surfed then you know there are moments where the tide is perfect!

3 symbols will multiply the win by 40

4 symbols will multiply the win by 400

5 symbols will multiply the win by 2000

110 Spins & up to 200$ Welcome package terms: