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Brave the stormy seas and go hunting for lost treasure with pirate-themed slots. Our slots collection includes many top titles that are themed to swashbuckling pirates. These slots are bursting with action and offer chances for players to walk away with some treasures to call their own. If you’re keen to play some slots that feature pirates and high seas adventures, stick with Prime Slots and we’ll show you the best ones around.

Pirate Slots

Everything to Love About Pirate Slot Machines

Pirates are best known for sailing from one place to the next looking for treasures to claim and towns to plunder. Most pirate-themed slots are either set on a ship out at sea, or on an island where some treasure is supposedly buried. Common symbols that you’ll find in many pirate slots include things such as parrots, skulls and crossbones, cannons, swords and treasure chests - treasure, of course, plays a big part in quite a few pirate slots.

Some pirate slots focus on the pirates themselves, while others feature things such as mythical sea creatures and spirits from the afterlife.

Pirate Slots

Top Pirate Slot Games at Prime Slots

The pirate theme is quite common in online slots. You’ll find many pirate-themed slots at lots of top online casinos. Here’s a look at some of the best pirate slots available to play online right now.

Enjoy Pirate Slots on Mobile

Most online pirate slot games are designed to be playable on mobile devices. So long as your smartphone or tablet has a steady internet connection, you can play pirate-themed slots while you’re on the go. These mobile slots are developed using touchscreen technology and offer all the same features and bonuses as their desktop versions.

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