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Time to Hit the Jackpot At Prime Slots

Time to Hit the Jackpot At Prime Slots

If it’s top progressive jackpots you’re after, we’ve got you covered. These hugely popular slots are known for paying out very large sums of money to extremely lucky players.These jackpot slots are of top quality as they come from some of the industry’s biggest providers.

Here at Prime Slots, we want you to have the best online gambling experience possible. That’s why we only list the top progressive jackpot slots, and handpicked all the slots that have made it onto our list. Each and every one is lots of fun to play, offers some exciting special features and gives you a chance of winning a progressive jackpot prize.

If you want to learn more about how progressive jackpot slots are played, keep on reading. We’ve put together lots of relevant information that explains what these games are like and how their jackpots work. These slots are some of the most popular ones around today thanks to their jackpots, which can get very high indeed.

Time to Hit the Jackpot At Prime Slots

What is A Progressive Jackpot?

So what exactly is a progressive jackpot and how does it work? For most online slots, the top prize is a fixed jackpot, so there’s a maximum amount of money you can win. If it’s a progressive jackpot slot you’re playing, the jackpot isn’t fixed. Every time someone spends real money on the slot, a percentage of the bet contributes to the jackpot and makes it grow. It keeps on getting bigger until it’s won.

Online progressive jackpots have the potential to give higher payouts than fixed-jackpot slots. Sometimes, once the prize has been won the fund gets reset to zero and grows from there; sometimes it gets reset to a set amount, such as 10,000, for example. Some slots have several progressive jackpots that each start off at a different amount of money. There are also some slots that share a progressive jackpot with a number of other slots.

Winning progressive jackpots is down to luck and nothing else. The odds of winning such a prize are lower than they are for winning a standard slot prize. For many progressive jackpot slots, you can only win if you’re betting the maximum amount.

How Do You Play Jackpot Slots?

Playing progressive jackpot slots is very straightforward indeed. Once the slot’s up on your screen, simply place your bet and click to spin the reels. For most slots, lining up three matching symbols on a payline gives you a win. If you can choose the number of paylines your bet covers, you may want to bet on all paylines to give yourself a better chance of winning.

Certain features can be triggered at random or when you land certain symbols on the reels. These can include free spins, pick-me games, bonus rounds, expanding wilds, respins or even wild reels. Before playing a slot, have a look through its pay table to see what its features are and how they can be triggered; the pay table also lets you know what the payout rates for all the symbols are.

On the whole, progressive jackpots work in the same way as regular slots. So, if you’re familiar with slots, you should have no problems playing ones that have progressive jackpots.

Your Chance To Bigger Wins: Top Jackpot Slots

If you like the sound of progressive jackpot slots and want to have a go at some, you’ve come to the right place. Below we’ve rounded up some of our favorites. Have a look through our list and give one of these slots a try. Every one of them has some exciting gameplay features that make it worthwhile, but keep in mind that you can only play for progressive jackpots if you’re betting with real money.

FAQ About Jackpot Slots

  • How Does A Progressive Jackpot Work?

    A progressive jackpot is a prize pool that’s added to every time someone places a bet on the slot with real money. It keeps on getting bigger until it’s won. Usually, it’s won at random.

  • Do You Have To Max Bet in Jackpots To Win?

    For some slots, you have to bet the highest amount to qualify for the progressive jackpot; for others, you don’t. Check a slot’s pay table to see whether you do or not before you start playing.

  • How Often Do Jackpot Slots Payout?

    This depends on the slot. Some of the smaller progressive jackpot slots are won several times a month or so. On the other hand, larger ones may only be won once or twice a year.

  • What Are Fixed Jackpot Slots?

    A fixed jackpot slot is any slot that has a maximum win amount.

Enjoy Jackpot Slots on Mobile

If you like the sound of progressive jackpots, you’ll be pleased to learn you can play them on your mobile. So long as your smartphone or tablet has a steady internet connection, you can spin the reels of top progressive jackpots and hope to land a big win. Pretty much all progressive jackpot slots have a mobile compatible version that can be played on handheld devices.

Progressive jackpot slots are thrilling games that typically come with several special features. What makes them stand out from other slots is the fact that their jackpots keep on growing until they’re won. Winning is very unlikely, but the slots still have enough special features to keep players entertained.

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