Reward Points to Earn Extra Cash

At Prime Slots, you automatically get more each time you play, thanks to our enticing VIP Program.

Specially designed to reward you for your continued play, Prime Slots VIP Program features valuable Reward Points, where most games awards you with 1 Reward Point for every €20 wagered.

These Reward Points serve two purposes:

1) They help increase your ranking in our VIP Program
2) They can easily be converted to bonus cash!

That means, the more you wager, the more VIP Points you get, which again serves you well.

That’s because a higher VIP Program level means you’ll be getting better benefits, across the board, including a better rate for converting your Reward Points to bonus cash.

Keep in mind, there are six VIP Program levels to aspire to, starting from New Member, all the way up to the exclusive Premium VIP & Prestige VIP, invitation-only.

Once you hit the Prestige VIP, you’ll enjoy a particularly competitive rate of €1 cash for every 15 Reward Points.

In addition to a better conversion rate, you can expect other great goodies – like dedicated tournaments, special raffles and higher bonus offers – as your VIP Program level increases.

The Coveted VIP

Only the top-of-the-top earns the incredible distinction of becoming a PrimeSlots Prestige VIP player.

Wondering how to get there? First you’ll need to climb the levels. After that, keep playing as usual and the day shall come when you get the call… and the accompanying star treatment including exclusive game access, early release of new games, VIP only competitions, and bigger bonuses than ever before!