Flowers Slot

FLOWERS will turn even the most urban person out there to a nature-loving Winner

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FLOWERS will turn even the most urban person out there to a nature-loving Winner


Flowers celebrates nature and coins…

Double-headed flowers double your chances of winning with every spin of the reel!

And when the Wilds get Stacked ka-ching moments blossom all around!

These flowers don’t bite, they grow like bonuses after rain!

About Flowers

Flowers take some of its inspiration from Little Shop of Horrors, the cult film musical from 1986. It’s main character, Audrey II, a gigantic reptile plant with sharp teeth that became a world sensation with the unforgettable cry “Feed Me Seymour!”

Well, Flowers tones it down a bit. As far as we can tell, none of the flowers here is wanting to chew you. They look like a happy bunch, with a true passion for winning money for you.

The big deal here are the double-headed ones. They stem from the same branch, but act on their own authority. Meaning, you can cue up more than five symbols - actually up to ten! - in a single bet line, which translates to bigger wins. Also, you can get just one Wild and one double-headed flower and it’s a win!

Add to that the Stacked Wilds in free spins, where Wilds appear in stack of three - your chances for a big win seems better and better.

Game Info

Bet Lines30
Min/Max Bet0.01 / 75 coins
Max Win75,000 coins
Return to Players96.3 %
Hit Frequentcy47.7 %

How to Win

You’ve got 30 different bet lines to win from. Remember, you don’t need to get all five identical symbols in order to win; three are enough, or if you get a Wild, then two would do it. Wilds can stand in for any symbol.

How to Play

  • Begin with deciding on your coin value - this can be between 0.01 to 0.5.
  • Next, decide on the number of lines you want to play with - from 1 to 30. Remember, the more lines you play with the higher your chances of winning become, but the higher your bet is on every spin.
  • Basically, that’s it. You are all set. Let the spinning begin!
  • Go for it - click the green button and may the Wins be you!
  • Watch the screen, that’s where all the action is.
  • You can either hit the green button manually for every spin, or go with the Autoplay, relax and enjoy the show.

Double Headed Flowers are a Player’s Best Friends

As the title suggests, some of the flowers featured in this online mobile slot machine game are double-headed; no reason for alarm, quite the opposite. A double symbol act as two individual symbols, which increases your win chances - basically you can have more than five symbols per bet line.
And to mention the Stacked Wilds - they appear in Free Spins in stacks of three.

Spin & Win (but don’t over do it...)

Please consider these play limits and think about setting some:

  • Bet & Loss per session, day, week or month (yearly calculations are on you)
  • You can block yourself of all play for a certain amount of time
  • Set in advance the time limit (in minutes, not hours!) of every session

Also, take notice of the following:

  • Play is only possible with your account funds - no credit is permitted
  • If you’ve been playing for a straight hour, a message will appear, and you need to reply before being able to continue playing.

Words from the Developer

Net Entertainment continues introducing new soon-to-be-popular casino slot machine games. Now the time has come for Flowers™! They may not be the loveliest flowers you ever saw in a bunch, but these flowers definitevly exude flower power - double flower power to be exact! With double symbols in both the main game and Free Spins, win chances go way beyond the usual maximum 5 symbols on a bet line. Add to that, a x3 multiplier and Stacked Wilds in Free Spins, and players are certain to have a blooming good experience with Flowers.


Don’t watch the new Flowers in the Attic film; or the old one; actually don’t bother with the book as well.


  • For it’s kitsch and clichéd language and its cheap plot attempt at raising ‘controversy’.
  • Because it’s not really about flowers, but rather about children being locked in the attic. Now who would want that as entertainment?
Watch Audrey II sings to Seymour instead