Online Slot Machines Payouts & Rewards

At Prime Slots, payouts & rewards for players come in all shapes and sizes. From the time you register until the last reel has stopped spinning, paybacks just keep coming your way.

Bonus Spins awarded upon initial deposits - before you even start playing! Once the reels start spinning, prizes and payouts keep coming at you at lightning speed.

Even the configuration of our slot machines is geared toward rewarding our players, from the payback scheme of Return to Player and Hit Frequency percentages all the way to the generous free spins initiated by the scatter symbols, the multipliers and wild symbols.

And of course, our straight-out reward points accumulating as you play and our coveted loyalty program.

Let's have a closer look at all the different ways Prime Slots rewards its players every step of the way.

Registration Reward & Match Up Bonus for First Deposit

When you first register to Prime Slots make sure to make the most of it! You can get up to 100 spins on your first deposit. This is how you do it:

When you do your initial registration, fill out your details. Once you make your first deposit, bonus spins start to arrive. They are yours - enjoy!

Now let's see how you can get your hands on those 100 bonus spins. It is pretty simple actually. You need to deposit a minimum of £10 to get 10 spins. If you deposit £20, you’ll get 50 spins. In order to get the mega bonus of 100 spins, you have to deposit a minimum of £50. And that’s it !

Prime Slots gives you the chance to get A LOT out of your first deposit on the site. Up to 100 spins welcome bonus on your first deposit - that's a great start for a Prime experience!

Loyalty Program & and Cash Value of Reward Points

The rewards at Prime Slots don’t stop once you finished your registration and Day 3 is finished. On the contrary. From Day 4 onward the real rewards start.

Our Reward Points are given to all players on almost all games. You get 1 Reward Point for every £40 wagered, until forever.

The benefits of the reward points are two folds:

First, they help you move up the loyalty ladder. Prime Slots has a great loyalty program for our players intended to help you make the most of continuous play on the Prime Slots site. There are six different levels of loyalty, from Bronze loyalty all the way to the highly coveted, invitation only, Prestige loyalty. So as you accumulate reward points you move up the loyalty status.

The second benefit of the reward points is that they can be converted to cash and at any time, to be played with on any of the 250 slot games available on our site. The exchange rate of points-to-cash gets better as you move up the loyalty status. For example, as a Bronze loyalty the redemption rate is 30 points to £1, but as a Prestige loyalty the redemption rate is 15 points to £1!

Prime Slots offers you a great value for your cash, and rewards you handsomely on choosing to continue playing with us.

Amazing Payout Percentages While You Play

The greatest rewards on Prime Slots are the slot games and the incredible chances of winning big they offer. Amazing payouts are waiting for you as winning features in the games: bonus rounds, free spins, prize multipliers, wild and scatter symbols and record-level payback percentages and Hit Frequency ratios.

Let's go through them, to help you better grasp the fantastic winning and payback opportunities waiting for you on the Prime Slots 250 different games!

Return to Player & Hit Frequency - It’s Payback Time

These two numbers say a lot about your chances of winning big. Before we get into them let's just say this: the higher they are, the better, and Prime Slots offers the highest payback ratios in the industry!

Return to Player (RTP) is the percentage of all the money wagered with a slot machine that is paid back to players as winnings. For example, if the RTP ratio is 90%, the slot machine will payout to players £90 on every £100 wagered.

Two things should be mentioned in that regard:

  1. The RTP ratio isn't calculated per player or by game, but rather by a certain duration of time specific for every machine.
  2. Online slots have a much higher payout percentage ratio than land slots. So online, and especially on Prime Slots, you get much more for your money.
Hit Frequency is the number that represents how often a slot machine will produce a winning streak. For example: in a machine that has a 30% Hit Frequency the reels will stop spinning on a winning Pay Line 30% of the times.

Since most of the online slots offer multiple Pay Lines to bet on during a single spin, the hit frequency is calculated per all Pay Lines. This is a point worth understanding. If you bet on 20 Pay Lines a single spin is actually accounted for as 20 spins and the Hit Frequency is calculated accordingly.

A combination of these two figures, Return to Player and Hit Frequency, determines the winning chances of a slot machine. Other elements that need to be taken into account are the number of Pay Lines, the various bonuses offered, the configuration of Wild and Scatter symbols and your skills as a player.

If you are new to online slot it is definitely worth your time to familiarize yourself with the various elements that are in play during a slot game.

You can read more about How to Play (and make the most of it.)

Bonuses, Free Spins, Multipliers, Wild & Scatter Symbols

The main difference between online slots and land slots is the very wide selection of features that increase your chances of winning big, and result in handsome payouts to players.

As there are 250 different slot games, each of the games has a different set of winning features. In all games you can win Free Spins, your payback can be multiplied by the Multipliers, and you can get various bonuses thanks to the Wild & Scatter symbols.

Wild symbols can substitute for any other symbol, so two diamond symbols are enough for a win, as long as you have a Wild symbol as a stand-in for the third.

Scatter symbols are the instigators of Free Spins. As more Scatter symbols you gather, the more Free Spins you are awarded. And usually during free spins, your winnings are automatically multiplied, so the rewards of Scatter symbols are exponential.

In Prime Slots, the Rewards Never Stop

The Prime experience is a very rewarding one! A vast selection of 250 slot games, a very generous signup bonus of 10 free spins and 100% matchup bonus on your first deposit +100 bonus spins on deposit, an awesome loyalty program complemented by escalating Reward Points and incredible payouts inside the games!

Rewards can change from time to time and might not be available for all players in all countries. All bonuses mentioned are subject to special requirements outlined in the bonus terms and conditions.

Up to 100 Spins Welcome Bonus terms:
  • Offer applies only to new players.
  • Min. deposit: £10 Max. bonus: 100 spins
  • Up to 100 Welcome Bonus Spins. Spins are given as follow: deposit £10, get 10 spins; deposit £20, get 50 spins; deposit £50, get 100 spins.
  • Bonuses that require a deposit must be wagered x35.
  • Bets on different games contribute differently to the compliance of the wagering requirements. Please read Wagering policy.
  • Full terms and bonus policy apply