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We have gone to great lengths to make ourselves available to our customers in various ways since we cater to a wide array of players. We believe that by doing so, we provide our customers a sense of security.

You can simply fill the Contact Form below and we will reply via email. If you prefer to have a conversation, we’ll be happy to answer in person any question you might have. You can choose to online chat with our representatives.

In any way you choose, we are always here, ready and willing to assist you in any way possible.

At Prime Slots our aim to is to make your visit "SAFE" - Safe And Fun Experience.

We want you to enjoy the entertainment that the site provides but above all we want you to be sure that your money is in SAFE hands.

Security and confidence are the two most important functions that Prime Slots delivers, and we support this with our customer delivery team, to make sure that what we say we will deliver happens.