Lucky Kitten Pokie

They’re cute and cuddly, they’re Lucky Kittens!

Lucky Kitten
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They’re cute and cuddly, they’re Lucky Kittens!


Lucky Kittens love playing with their yarn balls and you love playing online video pokies! These sweet kitties want you to give you loads of prizes and the opportunity to win big! The prizes in this game come in all sizes, so let’s see if these sassy cats are going to be kind to you or not!

About Lucky Kitten

You can buy the tickets from varying prices-- $0.50 to $10. There are even extreme cash prizes that are up to $50,000. Scratch the nine mysterious boxes with the blue yarn and if there are at least 3 matching prizes, then you’re in luck because you win!

Grow your cash prize, and scratch the multiplier box which is a great way to make real money. It’s a lucky charm that adds a layer of thrills and surprises to this fun and easy game.

Experience this lucky pokie and the sensation of scratching those tiles off—this digital scratch card mimics that sensational feeling! There’s nothing like that sound. If you can’t be bothered to scratch those boxes off one by on then you can opt in to “Scratch All.” The entire board will be scratched for you and you can quickly find out your winning!

Game Info

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