Flowers Pokie

You’ll start loving nature with these beautiful, lucky flowers that’ll brighten up your day!

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You’ll start loving nature with these beautiful, lucky flowers that’ll brighten up your day!


After they’ve been watered, these Flowers will blossom into bonuses, and spins.

And when you see a double-headed flower, you’ll double your chances of winning with every spin of the reel.

If the Wilds get stacked, you’ll be frolicking through a jackpot garden!

About Flowers

There’s something about Flowers that is reminiscent of the famous musical, Little Shop of Horrors. Those flowers with teeth do remind us of that gigantic reptile plant with sharp teeth that kept crying, “feed me Seymour!”

While there are Flowers with teeth, the game tones it down a bit with some more “easy on the eyes” flowers. They don’t want to chew you up they want you have fun in this online pokie and win some money—that’s their true passion!

It’s all about the double-headed flowers. They stem from the same branch but are two separate, powerful entities. You can get more than five symbols (more like, up to 10!) in just one single bet line. This means bigger wins, bigger smiles. If you get just one Wild and one double-headed flower, it’s a win!

Don’t forget the Stacked Wilds in free spins. The Wilds will appear in stack of three and your chances of big wins just got better.

So grab a bouquet of Flowers, take a big sniff, and get ready to have some fun and get lucky.

Game Info

Bet Lines30
Min/Max Bet0.01 / 75 coins
Max Win75,000 coins
Return to Players96.3 %
Hit Frequentcy47.7 %

How to Win

In Flowers pokie, you’ll get 30 different bet lines to win from. You don’t need all five identical symbols to win, three is plenty! Or, if you get a Wild, then two would be fine. The Wild symbol stands in for any symbols.

How to Play

  • First, select your coin value – anywhere between 0.01 to 0.5.
  • Next, decide the number of lines you want to play with – from 1 to 30. Rember, the more lines, the higher your chances of winning and making real money.
  • That’s it, now watch the Flowers blossom! Let the spinning begin!
  • Click the green button and now you’re all set, may the Wins be on your side.
  • Watch the screen, that’s where it all happens.
  • If you want to relax and enjoy the show, select the Autoplay feature otherwise, you can hit the green button manually for every spin.

Double Headed Flowers are your Friend!

Don’t worry about those double-headed flowers, they’re a good thing in this game.

A double symbol can act as two individual symbols which only means one thing—you get more chances to win. This means you can basically have more than five symbols per bet line.

The Stacked Wilds? They’ll appear in Free Spins in stacks of three!

Spin & Win (but don’t over do it...)

Take the time to smell the roses but also consider these play limits:

  • Bet & Loss per session, day, week, month.
  • Block yourself of play for a certain amount of time.
  • Set a time limit in advance for each session.

Also, please take note:

  • You can only play with account funds. No playing on credit.
  • After you’ve played for an hour, a message will appear that you need to reply before being able to continue playing.

Words from the Developer

Net Entertainment has done it again! Another popular casino slot, and while they may not be the most charming flowers you ever saw in a bunch, they definitely exude flower power. Or should we say, double flower power?

With double symbols in both the main game and Free Spins, the chances of winning go way beyond the usual maximum 5 symbols on a bet line. Add to that, a x3 multiplier and Stacked Wilds in Free Spins, you’re bound to have a blooming good experience with Flowers pokie.

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  • For its scientifically-proven ability to make you smile and feel more relaxed.
  • Because after playing Flowers pokie, you’ll want to pause for a moment, and smell the roses.
Each Flower Has a Meaning